Harry Desmond

Harry Desmond, University of Portsmouth
Exhaustive Symbolic Regression (or how to find the best function for your data)

Symbolic regression aims to find optimal functional representation of datasets, with broad applications across science. This is traditionally done using a “genetic algorithm” which stochastically searches function space using an evolution-inspired method for generating new trial functions. Motivated by the uncertainties inherent in this approach — and its failure on seemingly simple test cases — I will describe a new method which exhaustively searches and evaluates function space. Coupled to a model selection principle based on minimum description length, Exhaustive Symbolic Regression is guaranteed to find the simple equations that optimally balance simplicity with accuracy on any dataset. I will describe how the method works and showcase it on Hubble rate measurements and dynamical galaxy data.

Based on work with Deaglan Bartlett and Pedro G. Ferreira:

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