Europe/Lisbon —

Constantino Tsallis

Constantino Tsallis, Group of Statistical Physics, CBPF and Santa Fe Institute

Together with Newtonian mechanics, Maxwell electromagnetism, Einstein relativity and quantum mechanics, Boltzmann-Gibbs (BG) statistical mechanics constitutes one of the pillars of contemporary theoretical physics, with uncountable applications in science and technology. This theory applies formidably well to a plethora of physical systems. Still, it fails in the realm of complex systems, characterized by generically strong space-time entanglement of their elements. On the basis of a nonadditive entropy (defined by an index $q$, which recovers, for $q=1$, the celebrated Boltzmann-Gibbs-von Neumann-Shannon entropy), it is possible to generalize the BG theory. We will briefly review the foundations and applications in natural, artificial and social systems.

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